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We have designed this privacy and confidentiality policy because, like you, we’re concerned about the use of the information we provide when using websites.

First, your text or video exchanges with your psychologist are strictly confidential. In no way are they accessible either to Pause Thérapie managers or to anyone other than you and your psychologist. You are reminded that all our psychologists without exception were required to provide us with documentary evidence of their training, and they formally undertook, in their hiring contract, to comply with this privacy policy.

You provide us with various type of information when you deal with us, whether it’s when registering with our site to receive our newsletters or setting up an appointment with a psychologist:

Personal information: name, first name, date of birth, sex, address, email. Such information will remain confidential unless its disclosure is required or permitted by law. For reasons of confidentiality, no Pause Thérapie corporate customer will be informed of the identity of employees using the psychotherapy blocks provided by the employer. Consequently, apart from Pause Thérapie, no one knows who uses the blocks or how many blocks have been used. Generally, it’s only used in managing our business. Emails are used to communicate with you and we undertake not to release them for reasons unrelated to the operation of our business. As part of an advertising campaign, statistics about visitors to our site might be shared with our announcer, such as the number of women and men, age brackets, etc. Names and any other data that could be used to specifically identify our site users are carefully removed as part of such advertising operations. No identification is possible.

Billing information: credit card number, expiry date, billing address. Such information is sent to our payment service providers who undertake not to use your personal information for any professional purposes other than those they share with us.

Summing up, we undertake not to disclose, assign, sell, lease, commercialize, give or lend to third parties your email or any other personal or professional information.

As required by l’Ordre des psychologues du Québec , our psychologists strive to take all reasonable measures to protect and conserve data confidentiality as well as any related client information. They are also bound to inform clients of any potential risks or breaches, if any, inherent to data transmission technologies.

Furthermore, Pause Thérapie inc. is contractually bound with its psychologists to implement appropriate technical security measures and tools necessary to protect confidential data from unauthorized access.



In turn, the user of undertakes:

  • not to upload any virus or other malicious code,
  • not to access anyone else’s account,
  • not to use vulgar or insulting language in site spaces where users might be invited to share their opinion or experience,
  • not to publish pornographic content or content exposing nudity or any form of violence,
  • not to provide false com personal information, and not to create more than a single personal profile.

We will eliminate any content or any information deviating from respectful use of our site.

Users of our site are invited to share any information or content appearing in social networks where Pause Thérapie is featured.

Like all other online businesses, cookies help us improve our site. Under no circumstances are they used for any other purpose.

If you experience a technical failure when using our site, please contact our support team.

In conclusion, users should be aware that despite our efforts to make our site as secure as possible, we’re not responsible for illegal and criminal actions. We all take risks when surfing the Internet.

This Privacy Policy was updated March 28, 2017. We will never use the information you send us in any manner differing from the policy in effect at that date.



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