Word from the founder

At Pause Thérapie, all our psychologists are certified by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

That being said, how do you choose your perfect psychologist?

Your chosen psychologist is the right one for you when you feel that:

  • He will listen to you more closely than your closest confidant.
  • He will understand you better than your closest confidant.
  • He is capable of listening to anything you need to say and understand what makes you suffer or what hurts you.
  • He is not afraid of your anger or any other emotions.
  • He has a mind… and a heart. He will let himself be touched by your emotions without losing himself in them while still being able to help you.
  • He is capable of realizing what are the obstacles to your personal fulfillment and help you get through them.

All this without costing you a fortune and without leaving the comfort of your own home. Furthermore you are assured that professional confidentiality and your privacy will be respected since only you and your psychologist will have access to your chat and videos.

Pause Thérapie is the world’s first and largest online bilingual psychotherapy platform offered in English and French. This adventure has only begun! Our team continues to expand with devoted and talented professionals who strive to offer you the best possible service.

I invite you to join us at Pause Thérapie as a patient seeking qualified assistance or as a psychologist that believes in our founding principles to help provide affordable psychotherapy to the general public.

Thank you for you interest in Pause Thérapie. If you wish to reach us, feel free to leave us a note on our Contact page.

Sofia Benyahia
Founder of Pause Thérapie


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